Thursday, 17 October 2013


This is supposed to be me and things that make me happy. I haven't scanned it in properly as it was just a quick experiment with colour in photoshop. I quite like how it turned out but my mum thinks that she (me) doesn't look truly happy and the unhappy version (that I shall upload another time) looks a lot more emotive. So apparently i'm a grumpy bastard who isn't truly happy... maybe. Even so, I still like this image.   

Friday, 13 September 2013

Daaahn by LAW

Ok so... I'm going to make an effort to blog more of my stuff and what i'm doing. I've been drawing from some films for a uni project and it's taking much longer than anticipated... but that's partly down to me changing my mind about what i'm doing for my main project. I can't seem to make a decision anymore! ANYWAY, I've been working with ink and calligraphy pens which is a completely new way of working for me and it feels so much more free! I love it! It sort of reminds me of Ralph Steadman's work...probably because he uses calligraphy pens. Drawing buildings is 100% less boring and it's freeing not to have to worry about trying to make it perfect. If a mistake happens, just go with it and it'll add to the work as a whole. Definitely need to work at it though but I can see myself using this method of making work in the future. 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Uni end of 2nd year show stuff

I recently did two posters. One is about the horrific experiments that the Japanese army conducted on Chinese civilians in world war II and one is about the day in the life of an animal researcher. The idea behind the posters was simply that I find it astonishing that people can cause pain to others and see it as a job. In both cases they thought that they were doing what is best and it was just a routine 'job'. I guess the difference is that people have no regard for animals lives and to see a human dealing that sort of torture on another human is unthinkable, but it happened.

Sunday, 19 May 2013


I have a tumblr account if you are into that...

Not much on there at the moment but there should be soon!


Monday, 22 April 2013


I haven't posted anything lately due to the amount of work we have to do at uni this year! but I've been trying to experiment more and here's some little samples of that experimentation.