Friday, 13 September 2013

Daaahn by LAW

Ok so... I'm going to make an effort to blog more of my stuff and what i'm doing. I've been drawing from some films for a uni project and it's taking much longer than anticipated... but that's partly down to me changing my mind about what i'm doing for my main project. I can't seem to make a decision anymore! ANYWAY, I've been working with ink and calligraphy pens which is a completely new way of working for me and it feels so much more free! I love it! It sort of reminds me of Ralph Steadman's work...probably because he uses calligraphy pens. Drawing buildings is 100% less boring and it's freeing not to have to worry about trying to make it perfect. If a mistake happens, just go with it and it'll add to the work as a whole. Definitely need to work at it though but I can see myself using this method of making work in the future. 

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